Friday, October 14, 2005

Another exciting update

Let me first start out by saying that if I never see rain again, I'll be one happy girl. I had to break out the 'wellies' for the 3rd day in a row today. For all of you who arent well versed in shoes, 'wellies' are rubber rain boots, theyre oh so stylish btw. There is a lake in front of my house like 2 feet deep from the rain. And of course how could we have a week straight of rain without a little flooding in the basement?( I am currently listening to the very loud sub-pump(sp?) get rid of the water...fuuun.) I think I saw some sun on tomorrow's forecast, but don't quote me on that one.

Yom Kippur was nice. I went to Jaime's for the pre-fast and to break fast. This is def. my least favorite holiday. I starve all day and then by the time we eat I no longer even have the desire.oy.

So I started work today. Lets just say I'm much better in an office setting with a bunch of men. Retail + tons of women employees= my hell. lol. Ok, maybe it wasnt that bad, I guess I'll live through it. I'm def. going to end up spending $ on the most unnecessary shit at this store though. Some woman came in today and spent like $2000 on baking I'm more of a call Steinberg's kinda girl.

The movie "Prime" is comming out soon and I cannot wait to go see it , it looks hilarious!Everyone go see it.

ok, I'm tired, time to toss and turn my way to sleep.Night.


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