Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

Um, so I officially hate this rain. My hair looks soo gross and all I want to wear is sweatpants and sneakers. Its not supposed to stop until next week, so basically I'll look like a ragdoll till then, fun.

Ok, enough complaining about the weather, onto the rest of my life.lol.Had a my international politics test today, it was only 30 questions long...I think I did well, but we'll see.I hate that class. Why is undergrad suddenly starting to feel like the biggest waste of time? Oh, because it is.

On park ave. today I saw this man standing in the bushes on the divider and shouting up at the sky with a bible in his hands. I guess the end is near. My cab driver was also talking to himself the entire way to class(yes, i checked for a hands free, no he was not using one)it totally freaked me out.lol, only in NY.

Tomorrow night starts Yom Kippur, I'm going to Jaime's for the pre-fast dinner and then spending thursday with a huge headache. I get one every year, soo not fun.

Ok, so I need to go lay down and watch some will and grace.More to come soon.


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