Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Good With The Bad.

I had a pretty nice week long vacation from classes, but alas they start up again tomorrow at 9:45am. Thanksgiving was pretty good, not without drama of course. I went to Jaime's house and had a nice time. The pumpkin cheesecake from Trader Joes, not half bad.

Things have been a little tense in the house, but I guess I just have to live with it for now. Only a year and half left of living here if all goes as planned. It seems like every year theres some new drama...actually lets ammend that to every week.

Saturday Jaime and I did dinner at lido with his parents and then went to see rent. Let me just say, not good. The music was still great, but honestly the show was 10 times better. Jaime of course hated it, lol.

Only like 3 more weeks of classes left, then 1 week of finals and then a month or so of winter break. I cannot wait! The only downside will be work, but I'll get over it. I'm definitely not one of those people who will ever love to work.

So I think its time to go watch some boring tv and attempt to fall asleep in the next few hrs. Night.


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